Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Gospel Makes Me Happy! 11-29-15

It's getting dark earlier and earlier, and the weather is getting colder and colder. But my garage is getting closer and closer to being finished. Yay!

Here's the sunset walking home from a site. I feel so grateful for the warm glow of the gospel fire that lights up every part of my life. I love you all. Have a great week!

Looks Like Christmas! 11-29-15

I had Thanksgiving dinner with twelve other missionaries from two districts. It was really good. I forgot to take pictures. That evening I played for Rendezvous to a full house.

Christmas is coming right on the heels of Thanksgiving. All the sites are decorated now, and I got to wave at a horse drawn wagon passing by. It's all decked out for Christmas, too.

I am rehearsing the live nativity most nights after Rendezvous. Here is the angel choir composed of single senior sisters. The Christmas Walk is this Friday, Dec 4, and we will all be in costume that night. A lot of Christmas activities are happening, so it will be a busy week.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! What a wonderful time of year to make memories. It was so good to hear from many of you!

I got to work in the Seventies Hall on Thanksgiving day. Pres & Sis Gibbons brought fudge around to all of us, which made us feel loved and special.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Live Nativity. 11-22-15

I'm meeting lots of choice visitors and working on the live nativity for the Christmas Walk on December 4th. I even re-wrote the script for the nativity. Doesn't that sound like something I would do!

Here's the initial practice for the live nativity. It will look awesome with the set and costumes. The single senior sisters (including me) get to be the Angel choir, which I am directing. We're not in this picture.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love you!

Brrr. Here Comes Winter! 11-22-15

We had our first snow of the season Saturday morning along with some freezing cold weather. I can hardly wait till my garage gets done. It's making steady progress.

Thanksgiving Celebration. 11-22-15

We had a Thanksgiving dinner Saturday for new converts and investigators from a large area around Nauvoo. The guests saw a movie at the Visitor's Center, took a wagon ride, and visited some of the sites.

I got to help on the setup and played piano background music for 2 hours during the dinner. It was lots of fun. We had about 120 people. I got a picture before they came, but none during the dinner because I was playing.

Thanksgiving Preview 11-22-15

Hi everyone. Time is flying ever faster. Here's a picture I took while walking to my early morning exercise class at the church. Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular here!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Into the Heart of November. 11-15-15

I love being at the Visitor's Center a couple of times a week. It's wonderful meeting people and visiting with them. The leaves are mostly on the ground now, and it's getting colder. My garage is starting to look more like a garage. Happy November!

Mission Talent Show 11-15-15

Hi Everyone. This week started with a big mission talent show Monday night. I danced and sang a medley of 2 songs with Sister Saline and Sister Knapp - "You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile & Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella." It was a little outside my comfort zone but a lot of fun!

I also accompanied another number and played "Chanson" on my flute while they showed slides of Sis Cox's paintings. It all went really well and everyone loved it, especially the flute solo. But it's also a relief to have all the practices over!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hiram Dayton's Property #2. 11-8-15

Here is a picture of Hiram Dayton's property with his inspiring view of the temple. It's a beautiful lot, isn't it! It's exciting to think he just lived down the street from me!

Hiram Dayton's Property. 11-8-15

I finally found some time this week to locate some of Hiram Dayton's property in Nauvoo. To my surprise one of his 8 or 9 pieces of property is only a block down the street west from me - on Young Street.

In this picture I am standing in front of my house. Hiram's property is just beyond the last greenish tree on the left where you can see a tiny car.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Missionary Moments. 11-8-15

I love working in the Visitor's Center 2 or 3 times a week! Saturday I was privileged to share 4 copies of the Book of Mormon with a wonderful group who sincerely wanted to learn about it! The restored gospel is so glorious. I love sharing the story of Joseph Smith with others. It resonates all the way through me and fills me with joy each time I tell it. The gospel truly is the good news - the Plan of Happiness!

One Step at a Time. 11-8-15

My garage is shaping up! I missed the best picture of all. At the beginning of the week when they removed the cement forms, the whole area was filled with clutter and piles of dirt and debris. It almost looked like a tornado had touched down!

I keep remembering what my mother tells me in hard times: The Lord is building a castle out of your little cottage. It can't all be beautiful without knocking down the old structure first. So I am learning patience and humility while my castle is being built!

Fall Is Falling - 11-8-15

Fall is did unitedly falling - and leaving a beautiful carpet on the ground. What a beautiful sight! It's glorious to be living in the midst of nature. Many trees are now bare, but so much spectacular beauty remains. How I love it here!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Beautiful Nauvoo! 11-2-15

I got called as an assistant site leader at the Visitor's Center, and I am thrilled! I love talking to people and sharing the gospel with them! I know I will really enjoy it. I gave away a Book of Mormon this week at the Visitor's Center and invited the couple to read it.

These two pictures are from the Visitor's Center. Have a wonderful week. I love you!

Fall at Its Height 11-2-15

I'm finally settled in my cute little house, and after a stormy week, the fall weather is glorious!

Here's the light shining through the storm.

Happy Halloween in Nauvoo! 11-2-15

Happy Halloween! I loved seeing pictures of my grandchildren in their Halloween costumes! They looked adorable. Here's a Halloween house across the street from my first Nauvoo home.