Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pioneer Puzzle #5

What is this?


Candle Molds.
The saints poured melted tallow (made from beef fat) into the molds to cool. Most could not afford the candle molds, so they braided old cloth threads to make a wick, tied a rock to one end and dipped it into hot tallow about 30 times, until it formed a candle.

Reflection 5-31-15

The past couple of weeks have been a time of learning and humbling for me. At the MTC and my first few weeks here I was so thrilled with everything. It was amazing to just bask in the spirit. 

But even on a mission it is easy to start hoping or wishing for what others have - a house right next to the sites, a chance to work in Carthage or the Visitor's Center, a chance to perform in the vignettes they only let couples do, speaking parts in the Rendezvous show or a chance to speak in church or give a Relief Society lesson like the missionaries who have only been out a week, while those of us who have been here longer have never been asked. 

I have had to remind myself a few times that the measure of my self worth has nothing to do with how many lines I have in the play, where I give tours, or how flawlessly I play the piano. 

I am here as a missionary to bear witness of Jesus Christ. I must remember that He and my Heavenly Father direct this work.  I know they have placed me exactly where they want me. They are directing this work even in the smallest details - like the day I put a couple of cough drops in my purse for no apparent reason - I just felt that I should. At the site a girl from a youth group couldn't stop coughing and was missing the tour. I asked her if she wanted a cough drop, and she was so grateful. It allowed her to listen to the most spiritual parts of the tour. 

I just need to remember to trust the Lord with all my heart and not question what He is doing. He is in the details of my life and is directing my service here.  When I put my trust in Him, I am happy and at peace and become a more powerful instrument in His hands!

I love you all and pray for you every day!  I know you are doing a great job serving wherever you are.

Sister Goodman

Point of Interest 5-31-15

For Prep-Day Sis Reber and I went to Hannibal, MO, which was Mark Twain's home town. We visited Tom Sawyer's cave and a museum. Here I am whitewashing Tom Sawyer's fence. 

Happenings #4: 5-31-15

The Seventies Hall, which was like the MTC of early Nauvoo. 

Happenings #3: 5-31-15

Taking the bread out of a real bustle oven at the Family Living Center. It is like the ovens the saints used in old Nauvoo. 

Happenings #2: 5-31-15

I discovered some converts from Arkansas who are cousins of ours!  They are related to James Allred, to whom Joseph Smith gave his sword just before the martyrdom.  It is now hanging in the Nauvoo Temple. 

Happenings #1: 5-31-15

We had a sunrise service on Memorial Day. It was supposed to be held at the Old Nauvoo Burial Grounds, but it was held at the Visitors Center due to rain. The Nauvoo Brass Band played "Stars & Stripes Forever."

Beautiful Nauvoo 5-31-15

Hi Everyone! Here's the view across the street from our chapel. Nauvoo is so lush and green!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Omitted Text for Gearing Up #4

Text that didn't publish on Gearing Up for the Crowds #4:

For Preparation Day Sister Reber and I watched the dress rehearsals for the young performing missionaries - the Nauvoo Brass Band & the plays. There is so much going on here now. They were fabulous!


Puzzle #4:  What do you think this is?

In the 1840s sugar came in large hard blocks. It had to be broken up to use it. The saints forced the sugar auger into the sugar block and twisted it around to break up the sugar.  

Gearing Up for the Crowds - #6

The weather here can be crazy. Here is our dress rehearsal for Sunset by the Mississippi on May 20. Notice the coats! It was freezing cold!  I'm trying to enjoy the cool weather while it lasts. It will be hotter than blazes before we know it!

Gearing Up for the Crowds - #5

Gearing Up for the Crowds - #4

Gearing Up for the Crowds - #3

Things are getting so exciting as we gear up for the huge summer crowds arriving shortly in Nauvoo!  

These 2 young performing missionaries sing with our cast for Rendezvous. The elder just got his mission call to Rome and the sister knew our family when we lived in Mesa. 

Gearing Up for the Crowds - #2

The flowers are so beautiful here!  Everything is lush and green because of all the rain.  

Gearing Up for the Crowds - #1

Hi Everyone.  It has been another great week at the sites. This week I served at the Lyon Drug, Print Shop, John Taylor Home, Post Office, and Scovil Bakery.  

Here I am carrying the water buckets from the dry goods store. 

I had a special experience in the Lyon Drug Store talking to a lady from the Chicago area. Her husband offered to tend their children, including a  23-year-old special needs son, so she could have a couple of days to get away and do whatever she liked. She was drawn to Nauvoo. 

I had a talk with her and we really connected. We exchanged contact info. The next morning I had just arrived at my assigned site when she walked in the door!  There was no way she could have known where I was. She handed me some cookies and hugged me. We are staying in touch!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Addition to #2 Happy Spring

I'm still getting a few splinches as I figure out how to navigate this blog from the somewhat tentative internet signal in Nauvoo. I have discovered that I have to send it in small segments. Next week I'll start numbering them so they are easier to follow.

The captions for the second set of pictures this week didn't come through. You are probably wondering what they are.

The first where I am standing by a bed is a quilt made by Wilford Woodruff's wife Phoebe.

The second picture is John Taylor's shaving stand.

Pioneer Puzzle #3

Pioneer Puzzle #3:

What's this?  Looks a little scary!


Fly Trap!
You put honey on the bottom of the cork and plug the top of the jar with the cork. 
The flies fly in the opening at the bottom of the jar and find the honey. 
They can't figure out how to fly back out, so they are trapped. 

Happy Spring! May 10-17, 2015

Me playing the piano (what the audience sees)

Behind the scenes. 


After weeks of practicing 2 hours a day, I finally played the piano for a Rendezvous show for the first time this week!  It was actually fun, and with the Lord's help I did a great job and felt really good about it!

Happy Spring! May 10-17, 2015

Parade of Peonies
The peonies at Sarah Granger Kimball's home are spectacular right now!  I wish you could see them. 

Happy Spring! May 10-17, 2015

This little rocking horse has a special story. It belonged to John Taylor's son. After the saints were driven out of Nauvoo, he was very sad that his rocking horse got left behind. John Taylor risked his life crossing the frozen Mississippi River at night (since the mobs were on the lookout for him) to get the rocking horse for his son. This picture is the actual rocking horse and reminds us of a father's love for his son - and even more of our Heavenly Father's deep love for each of us. 

Happy Spring! May 10-17, 2015

I also went on the Carriage Ride this week and listened to pioneer stories.  Here are the horses who pulled the carriage. 

Happy Spring! May 10-17, 2015

Happy Spring! May 10-17, 2015

Greetings from Beautiful Nauvoo!  Things are getting busier in the sites, and another happy week has flown by. This week I gave tours in the Scovil Bakery, the Lucy Mack Smith Home, the Wilford Woodruff Home, and the John Taylor Home. 

Here I am serving you a gingerbread cookie from the Scovil Bakery. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Laugh of the Week

Two young boys were touring the Nauvoo sites with their school class this week.

After viewing the horseshoe demonstration, one of them asked, "Why is he called a blacksmith?"

The other boy replied, "Because everything in Nauvoo is named after Joseph Smith!"

Pioneer Puzzle #2 - May 10, 2015

Here is Pioneer Puzzle #2. What do you think this is?

ANSWER to Pioneer Puzzle #1:

Mouse Trap!
The bucket is filled about 2/3 full with water.
A piece of cheese is placed on the nail in the middle of the spindle platform.
The mouse sees the cheese and runs up the plank.
It jumps onto the spindle which turns and plunges the mouse into the bucket for its first and last swimming lesson!

New Adventures - May 3-9, 2015

New Adventures - May 3-9, 2015

For Prep-Day this week Sis Reber and I went to Morley Settlement, known as Yelrome (Morley spelled backward with an e at the end).  Isaac Morley was my 3rd-great grandfather. He was the stake president at Yelrome, about 20 miles south of Nauvoo.  After mobs burned the settlement, he lived in Nauvoo until the saints left in 1846. 

It rained all day and stopped just line enough for me to get out of the car for this picture!

New Adventures - May 3-9, 2015

Nonie Sorensen, the composer & producer of Rendezvous

Rendezvous is a delightful musical telling about life in early Nauvoo. It is presented in the Cultural Hall. In a couple of weeks I will be playing the piano for it once a week and performing on stage the other night. The piano music is very challenging - and FAST!!!

Rendezvous was written by Nonie Sorensen, who was Grama Dayton's close friend in grade school!  I got to visit her in St. George shortly before I left on my mission. 

New Adventures - May 3-9, 2015

Hi Everyone,

It has been another wonderful week in Nauvoo!  Some of you have wondered what my schedule is like. Each day I work in a different site. I get to wear a pioneer dress and apron as I share brief histories and gospel messages in the sites. 

I have especially loved sharing the gospel. I had a chance to talk to two preachers last Sunday.  One of them just moved to Keokuk and is really excited to bring his youth groups to see Nauvoo. 

I also had an opportunity to share the Book of Mormon with a lady who came to learn about the Mormon religion. She was from Massachusetts. 

The senior missionaries perform two different shows in the evenings. There are 3 casts, and we alternate performing each show twice a week.  

Sunset By the Mississippi (the sunsets here are spectacular) is a variety show. It is upbeat and lighthearted!  I am tap dancing and singing in it. (You can see one reason it is so funny - with people my age dancing on stage!)

New Adventures - May 3-9, 2015

Sunset By the Mississippi

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pioneer Puzzle of the Week #1

I'm starting a fun new game! Each week I will send you a picture. See if you can figure out what it is and send me your answer. I'll tell you what it is next week. Here goes #1:

A Happy Week in Nauvoo

Hi Everybody!  I can't believe another week has flown by. The weather has been beautiful - still a few tulips and lots of fragrant lilacs.  You can see the spectacular sunset by the Mississippi, which is also the name of the variety show we are practicing for.  Believe it or not, I am learning to tap dance!

I also got to play in the Green Room (rehearsal room) for Rendezvous, which was a little scary. The music goes so fast. But it was fun!  I'll be playing for shows after a little more practice. I also got to perform in Rendezvous for the first time. You'll all have to come out and see me on stage!

I got to work in the Bootmaker's shop, the Tinsmith shop, the Log Schoolhouse, the Cultural Hall, and the Wilford Woodruff Home this week. I am so touched as I learn about the saints who lived in Nauvoo. 

Lucius Scovil (Scovil Bakery) was called on a mission from Winter Quarters shortly after his wife and baby twins died. He left other young children in the care of others and said he shed "a folly of tears" as he left.   

George Riser had a very successful boot shop in Ohio. He sold it when he heard about a new religion in Nauvoo and moved there with his wife and baby to check it out. 

Phoebe Carter, Wilford Woodruff's wife was converted to the Church in her late teens. She left her parents and family and traveled 600 miles by herself because she felt so strongly about joining the saints in  Kirtland. 

The great sacrifices and unfaltering faith of so many have stirred my heart.  Wilford Woodruff said:  "I was in Nauvoo on the 26th of May 1846, for the last time, and left the city of the saints feeling that most likely I was taking a final farewell of Nauvoo for this life. I looked upon the Temple and City as they receded from view and asked the Lord to remember the sacrifices of his saints."  

Indeed He has. Their sacrifices are now memorialized, and I am amazed to hear the stories of the missionaries here who have likewise sacrificed so much to be here. 

Have a happy week. I love you!
Sister Goodman