Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gearing Up for the Crowds - #1

Hi Everyone.  It has been another great week at the sites. This week I served at the Lyon Drug, Print Shop, John Taylor Home, Post Office, and Scovil Bakery.  

Here I am carrying the water buckets from the dry goods store. 

I had a special experience in the Lyon Drug Store talking to a lady from the Chicago area. Her husband offered to tend their children, including a  23-year-old special needs son, so she could have a couple of days to get away and do whatever she liked. She was drawn to Nauvoo. 

I had a talk with her and we really connected. We exchanged contact info. The next morning I had just arrived at my assigned site when she walked in the door!  There was no way she could have known where I was. She handed me some cookies and hugged me. We are staying in touch!

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