Monday, October 26, 2015

Missionary Moments. 10-25-15

My best missionary moments this week were sharing the gospel with members. I was able to invite many people to put the Lord first in their lives and share the good news of the gospel with others.

I had a wonderful visit with Mike and Shirley Klein but sadly forgot to take a picture with them. I was also surprised and delighted during a tour to see Scot & Maurine Proctor among the group! What a joy it is to see so many people I have loved over the years!

More Jack-o-lanterns 10-25-15

Pretty amazing carving. There were several hundred of them! Of course Shawn was even more spectacular than the pumpkins! We had so much fun!

Jack-o-lanterns. 10-25-15

Here are some of the jack-o-lanterns at "Boo-tiful Nauvoo." They were amazing!

My New Home. 10-25-15

Somehow this section didn't post. It completes the 2nd move section. I'm alone again, but there are some advantages to that too! I only moved about 3 blocks, and my house is really nice. The street opens onto the back side of the women's garden and visitor's center.

The trees in front of my home are beautiful right now. They are also constructing a new 2-car garage for me, which will be nice when the snow comes.

"Boo-tiful Nauvoo". 10-25-15

Yesterday was "Boo-tiful Nauvoo." It was so much fun! They have several hundred jack-o-lanterns lining the streets, which is quite spectacular. I even got into the act and carved one of the jack-o-lanterns! Shawn came to visit, and we had such a good time together.

My 2nd Move in 6 Days! 10-25-15

Wednesday I was informed that a single sister who went home for surgery was returning this Saturday and needed to live with Sis Hardy because they are in the same Rendezvous cast and ideally should be living together.

So I began moving to a different house and had everything out by Thursday. I'm still putting away a few things, but it's mostly done.

Changes in the Air! 10-25-1

Happy Halloween! This has certainly been a week of major happenings! Last Sunday I would not have dreamed would be in such a different place only one week later.

First of all I was released as assistant Rendezvous director. It really is designed as a job for one person. The current director is doing a great job and needs the freedom to do it her own way. I will be conducting a children's choir for Christmas and am involved in several other projects which are keeping me busy.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My New Companion. 10-18-15

Here is my companion, Sister Ann Hardy. She was in the MTC with me and is a widow from Logandale, Nevada. She is ten years older than I am (although she doesn't look it). We get along great & she will be a wonderful companion. I'm so excited to be in my new house! It really feels right!!!

Have a great week! Love you!

From My Back Porch. 10-18-15

Here's the view from my back porch: the beautiful Nauvoo Temple.

From My Front Porch. 10-18-15

Here's the view from my front porch. The pageant stage is right across the street. That will be handy next summer!

Kitty-corner north is the grove where Joseph Smith preached many of his sermons.

Answer to Pioneer Puzzle #21 10-18-15

My wardrobe in the living room!

Here's the closet in my bedroom. It is literally 28" wide - just big enough to hold my site dresses. They must have had very few clothes when this house was built! So I have the wardrobe in the living room for the rest of my clothes.

Pioneer Puzzle #21. 10-18-15

I'm including a Pioneer Puzzle from my new house. What is this?

Big Move! 10-18-15

Hi Everyone. Well the big news this week is that after two months of living alone at the far end of Nauvoo on Winchester St, I moved down by Nauvoo sites!

I went from a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom house all to myself to a cute little house with one bathroom to share with my companion. But the good news is that I have a fantastic companion, a wonderful view, a garage for the winter snow, and a short walking distance to all the sites. I'm really happy here!

Here's my new house. It's called the Knipe house. It's an older one, but certainly not from the 1840's. It reminds me a lot of our first house in Price when I was a little girl.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beautiful Nauvoo! 10-11-15

Hi Everyone. The weeks are whizzing by and the leaves are turning. Fun things are happening here! This week we had the National Tribute Band from Nashville perform on the big outdoor stage last night. Their production was called "Redeemer" and centers on Christ - Nashville style.

The crowds visiting Nauvoo are still pretty big, but with our missionary force diminished we have longer hours and often cover more than one site. I'm learning and growing and sharing the gospel wherever I can!

Guess what! Next week I finally get a new companion and will be moving down close to the sites - right across the street from the pageant stage with a beautiful view of the temple! I'm excited!!! I'll send you all the details next week along with some pictures. Isn't this a gorgeous picture of Nauvoo with the trees reflected in the Mississippi River? Have a great week!🍁🎃🍂

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Already to Harvest - Continued. 10-4-15

...Already to Harvest... 10-4-15

It's harvest time, and I got to watch the farmers harvest the big cornfield across the street. It's field corn, and they wait until it completely dries out before they harvest it. You can see in the picture that the yellow corn ends up in a big bowl at the top of the machine, while the chaff blows out the back. Then the corn travels down a chute to a large truck. It's very interesting and amazing that one machine can pick, husk, and get rid of the corn stalks.

It's a good time for me to remember my purpose as a missionary to thrust in my sickle with my might and share the good news of the gospel wherever I can.

Have a great week!

Behold, the Field Is White... 10-4-15

I had some wonderful missionary moments this week. I shared the gospel with some visitors and invited them to read the Book of Mormon. I love the gospel so much! It truly is the plan of happiness.

I got to see Joel and Crystal Dayton this week, and we had some wonderful visits! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them. 😔

There's a touch of fall in the air - right in my own yard! The weather is getting chilly.

Already October! 10-4-15

I guess the exciting thing this week for all of us is General Conference and three very special new apostles. I got to watch most of it in the sites with only a few tours interrupting it.

Last Sunday we had a single sisters dinner. There were 20 of us through the summer. Now we're down to 14, and next week we'll be down to 8. By the end of October about half our missionaries will have gone home. It's amazing how close you get to everyone out here and how hard it is to see them go home.