Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jane Johnston Black #3. 2-7-16

"As we were preparing to leave Montrose, I was taking up the fire arms I had buried, when some of the mob showed up again and asked me what I was doing. I told them the saints had power to resurrect and that's what I was doing. 'Oh,' said they, 'She's just a crazy old Irish woman. Let's go.'" Our fire arms were again preserved.

Throughout my life I was blessed to care for those in need. After the martyrdom President John Taylor sent for me to care for his wounds after the bullets were removed and would not permit a doctor to see him until I arrived. I later asked him why he had sent for me. He said, "Because I knew there was none better at such a job, and wanted you to stand at the morning of the resurrection and testify to the Lord against the assassins who murdered the Prophet and his brother Hyrum and attempted my life."

From the moment I first heard the Restored Gospel, I have rejoiced in its message above the world! It truly is the most important thing in my life – the good tidings of great joy!

THE END. - Have a happy week!

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