Sunday, April 10, 2016


And yet as I have reflected over the past few weeks, I have realized that the Lord has given me some amazing windows.

Three days ago I woke up with a burst of energy and the clear direction to update the Brigham Young Home Site Book (where I am the site leader). With the Lord's help I did it, and Pres Blair from the mission presidency has been reviewing it as a model for other sites.

It was really cold and windy the day I was assigned wagon tours where you narrate for an hour straight, but the Lord blessed me to do the wagon tours with no kidney pain - a miracle - and very little coughing.

I have made it through three 7:00 am choir practices and 3 Rendezvous performances without coughing at all. The night I was assigned to play the piano for Rendezvous my injured hand was strengthened, and I played well.

I have been reminded of Elder D Todd Christofferson's talk "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread." I am understanding how important it is for me to do all I can, then put my trust in the Lord and wait on His timing. He will take care of me and insure that I serve Him in every needful way - one day at a time. He will provide for my daily needs.

I love you! Have a great week!

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  1. Claudia, I am so sorry you have had so many health challenges lately. It sounds like you are on the mend and that makes me happy. It also sounds like you are gearing up for the busy summer season which is just around the corner. I think of you often and admire you for the good work you are doing, even when you don't feel 100%. Hugs!