Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Touched by an Angel. 7-10-16

Then I did wagon tours. When I came back to the depot after the first ride, there was a note on the counter. It said that I had a flat tire and that a visitor on the next wagon was willing to help fix it.

I looked at my tire, and it was completely flat. Then as I was getting ready to do my next wagon tour, I noticed that another man and his son were out using their compressor on my tire. He said it might not hold the air, but he did what he could. I was so grateful.

When I returned from my wagon tour, there was a note for me in the depot that said: "Found the nail, plugged the tire. Raymond." I was so touched. Sure enough the tire was fixed! How often do you find someone who is a complete stranger who is willing to do something so thoughtful for someone - with no recognition?

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