Sunday, September 11, 2016


In Nauvoo I lived practically next door to my 3rd-great grandfather Hiram Dayton. (His property is pictured above.) He lost 4 of his 8 children by the time he arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. He lost all his property to the mobs 5 times. But in his last testimony he said, "My wife and I have been blessed to have never seen a day of murmuring." He was stalwart in the gospel to his dying day.

When I returned to Utah I settled next to my Dad, Hiram Dayton's 2nd-great grandson, Leland Kay Dayton, and concluded my incredible mission in Nauvoo at this side of the bookend Pres. Hinckley described. My dad lost some of his children in various ways, but like Hiram, he never questioned the Lord or murmured. He was valiant in his faith to his very last breath one month ago.

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