Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bring 'Em On!

Hi Everyone!  Its time to 
Bring 'Em On!  

The Nauvoo Brass Band is playing. The young performing missionaries are acting. The pageant performers are arriving soon. Things are really humming around here! Many days we take lunch & dinner (usually a granola bar or something quick) and a costume change, because we go straight from the sites to two back-to-back performances of Rendezvous or Sunset by the Mississippi. 

Nauvoo is such a fun place right now!  I hope you all get to come this year or next. It's inspiring!  It's exciting!  It's load of fun!  It's joyful!  There are so many new things. It's a wonderful place to visit!  

If I don't get your comments answered promptly, please know that I read them and they mean so much to me. I wish I could respond to them all. You're the greatest!

I love you!
Sister Goodman

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