Monday, June 22, 2015

Missionary Moments 6-22-15



A heavy-set man walked into the Cultural Hall where I was serving.  He was alone.  He told me that for some reason he had agreed to be the bus driver for a youth group visiting Nauvoo from Lexington, Kentucky.  He didn't know anything about Nauvoo and said he wanted to understand a little about it.  


One of the miracles of being a missionary is witnessing the Holy Ghost put words in your mouth, draw forth the feelings of your heart, and confirm the testimony you bear.  Instead of giving the customary tour, I was led to ask him what he knew about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He said he knew nothing.  The look in his eyes was of an earnest seeker of truth. 


It was a busy day in Nauvoo on the 18th of June, 2015, but for the entire time I spoke with him, no one came in for a tour.  I found myself sharing with him the beautiful story of Joseph Smith's first vision, of his obtaining the Book of Mormon and organizing the Church.  I reached in my bag and pulled out a Book of Mormon.  I told him how much I loved it, explained it to him and told him that he could get a witness of its truthfulness as I had. 


He listened intently as I spoke.  At the end of our conversation I offered him the Book of Mormon in my hand.  For the first time in our visit he said, "No, I can't take it.  I am an associate Baptist preacher."  I told him how much I appreciated him listening to my message with such respect and interest and told him I also respected what he was doing. 


We parted with very good feelings.  I did not feel disappointed but exhilarated!  It was such a thrill to share with someone with an open heart the glorious message of the gospel and testify to him that it is true! I know the Holy Ghost was there to bear witness of my words.  


Sometime after he left, I realized I had not given him my profile card nor gotten his email address.  But I knew that for some reason I was not to do that this time.  I also know there was a reason I could not give him a Book of Mormon.  I know that I was led by the Spirit to do things exactly as I did. The seeds I sowed with the Lord's help were planted in rich soil.  In their own time they will bear fruit.  I am so happy!   

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