Monday, July 20, 2015

Missionary Moments - 7-20-15

Many choice things have happened this week.

Elder Jeffrey R Holland came to visit with his family and spoke to all the missionaries. He said Nauvoo is our dream of the City of Zion. It was actually achieved for a few short years here. He said Pres Spencer W Kimball said everyone should visit 2 places if possible: the Holy Land and Nauvoo. For the first time in the history of the world, the Church will survive and stand triumphant! We will hand the Church back to Christ. Nauvoo helps us remember our dream of the City of Zion.

I went to the pageants every night I could. I feel that I am so hungry for its message. One night they had to pause in the middle while it poured rain for 10 minutes, then dry off the stage and resume. We were soaked to the skin. The next night it was so hot and humid that when we arrived home we were still soaked to the skin!

There are usually organized protestors at the pageant passing out anti-Mormon literature disguised to look almost identical to our programs. The protestors even try to dress like we do. The opposition can be very clever.

I have loved the vignettes performed by the pageant cast - especially the King Follett discourse and the apostles at the Seventies Hall. It's so inspiring to be here!

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