Monday, July 13, 2015

Nauvoo & British Pageants 7-12-15

The missionaries walk up at the end in their white shirts and sing with the pageant cast. It is a thrilling experience to represent the Lord as a missionary.  The pageants are powerful missionary tools.  It's a marvelous experience standing among the saints of God. 

You children may remember Elaine McKay who stayed with us in Rome, took much of the video footage for our Fortress DVD, and was responsible for us receiving the BYU Service to Family Award. Her son and his family were here this week & their son-in-law plays the part of Joseph Smith. They have always loved our family's singing and invited me to have my picture taken with "Joseph Smith", their daughter who is the choreographer for the pageant, and their son who is on of the main characters. My flash didn't go off, but you can still see us. 

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