Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Missionary Moments 7-6-15

This little baby bird was in one of the flower pots 
in front of the Cultural Hall.  Like this little bird that opened its mouth to receive life-giving water, each of us must open our mouths to drink of the life-giving water of the gospel. 

I've had some marvelous missionary moments this week. I met a lady while giving a tour at the Lyon Drug in May. We have been corresponding by email ever since. She is an earnest truth seeker, and it has been a joy to communicate with and answer her sincere questions.  She is coming back to Nauvoo (she lives in the Chicago area) in 2 weeks, so I am excited to see her again. 

On Saturday in the Cultural Hall I talked to a man who truly wanted to know about the saints who settled Nauvoo, about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He was thrilled when I offered him a Book of Mormon that I had previously marked. The joy that comes in seeing someone embrace the gospel is beyond description!  It definitely happens in the Lord's own way and time, and it is literally true that He puts the words in your mouth that He wants said. I have never been so aware that it is the Spirit of the Holy Ghost that converts and not me. 

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