Monday, September 14, 2015

Missionary Moments 9-14-15

As missionaries leave I am finding myself accompanying more and more. Yesterday I played for the choir, Relief Society, and a special number for a devotional where Sister Elaine Dalton and her husband spoke.  The number I was playing for the young sister missionaries to sing was very fast and difficult, and I had little time to practice. 

I finally said a prayer and specifically asked for the Holy Ghost to bring the music to my remembrance and to my fingers, since I had practiced as much as I coulda. I played the piece almost flawlessly, and the missionary choir sounded like angels.  I had forgotten how powerful the gift of the Holy Ghost can be in our lives and how important it is to ask, so we can receive. 

Sister Elaine Dalton said in her talk, "Often we aim too low in our prayers. If we are pure we can pray for additional gifts. Eliza R Snow said 'Often we live beneath our privileges.'  The Holy Ghost won't impose Himself on us unless we invite Him."

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