Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Pathway Lit By Sunlight

My last post to this blog got splinched! Only one caption and none of the text came through, so you are probably wondering why that dirty car picture is there. Well here's the story!

I was scheduled to leave the MTC Wednesday, April 15, but I kept feeling like I needed to leave Tuesday after classes finished. My son Paul was flying in from Flagstaff to be my travel companion. However, a monster storm blew in, wreaking havoc. Paul's plane was cancelled due to high winds. Fortunately, he was able to get on a later flight.

The high winds resulted in a big pile up of semis and a death. After a huge dust storm it rained mud, which you could see in the picture of my car - mud that refused to be washed off. I braved a blinding snowstorm to drive to the airport to pick up Paul. We debated whether to stay in Salt Lake and leave Thursday morning or try to get through the mountain passes that night.

We felt we should go for it, so we headed up Parley's Canyon east of Salt Lake City. The front of the storm had passed, and there was only a skiff of snow over the highest mountain passes. We made it to Rock Springs, Wyoming by midnight and slept well.

Thursday morning we were up at 6:00, because all warnings said a heavy snow storm and high winds would begin by 6:00 am. We traveled all the way to Omaha with no winds or snow and with sunshine! We beat the storm! We discovered later that there was over a foot of snow in Salt Lake and that chains were required at Parley's Canyon. Those who left Rock Springs at 8:00 am instead of 6:00 encountered heavy snow and wind all the way to Cheyenne. Those who tried I-70 had to wait a day because of a huge 23-car/truck pile up.

Paul and I both marveled at the quiet way the Lord literally opened a beautiful sunlit pathway for us - all the way to Nauvoo!

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  1. What an amazing experience! We're glad you had extra guidance and everything is okay! Love Julianne, Jared, and kids