Sunday, April 19, 2015

Here I Am in Nauvoo Continued

I don't know what is happening to my blog posts. I imagine I'm just on a learning curve. Somehow my pictures seem to make a lot of the text disappear. I'll figure it out eventually. Anyway, Paul and I stayed in Iowa City Thursday night with Shawn. He fixed us a fabulous barbequed steak dinner and introduced us to Peggy and Lauren. We had a great time!

Friday morning we arrived in Nauvoo about 10:30. I received a very warm welcome and got settled into a cute house at the edge of the city with Sister Reber. I'm having such a wonderful time already! I even have a piano in my home to practice for accompanying the shows.

I hope you are all doing well. I love you!

Sister Goodman


  1. Hello Sis. Goodman!!! I just wanted to take a moment and send my love. I'm so glad you are posting updates and pictures as I've been thinking of you lots and it's great to see your adventures! Much love to you! Here's to you having the time of your life! Love, Summer

  2. Glad it's going well so far! Can't wait to see pictures of the house and to see it ourselves this summer! :)

  3. So glad things are off to a great start! I'm thankful you arrived safely and got to spend some good time with your guys. It will be fun to follow your experience as it unfolds. Take care!

  4. I got your message. We're so happy and excited for you. More later.

  5. We love you and hope all continues to go well!